Donut underestimate the #AeroTwist #speakers! They come in all shapes and sizes. Well, basically one shape, but with its flexible design, you can twist it to suit your fancy. These speakers come from Jarre Technologies, known for their kitschy take on audio systems and #docks. The Aero Twist is their latest, award winning twist-able Bluetooth speakers. Available in sexy Matte, svelte Gloss, and slick Chrome variants, the speakers come with NFC, and the ability to make you the coolest in…

The portable music industry is continuously introducing innovative product designs. The speakers are another creative contribution to the industry. With a sophisticated and sleek design, the product design is twist-able to allow the poses you wish.

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AeroTwist is a portable Bluetooth speaker that supports NFC, APTX and Bluetooth pairing with your smartphone or Bluetooth device

AeroTwist Portable Bluetooth Speaker by Kateryna Sokolova

Gorgeous AeroTwist would be a perfect companion for your lazy afternoon. It’s a portable Bluetooth speaker with a twist, we mean, literally a twist.

Doughnut shaped AeroTwist Bluetooth speaker comes with NFC I Damn Geeky

Designed by Jarre Technologies, the round enclosure of the AeroTwist Bluetooth speaker system integrates four speakers, subwoofer, microphone and NFC.


The AeroTwist bluetooth speaker offers a lot of the bluetooth speaker necessities you look for—hi-def sound, multiple drive and amp units, input, built-in

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aeroTwist - Google Search