Overgang vloer en terras

hat’s not to love about panorama windows? These floor-to-ceiling glass beauties can be such an enrichment to a space, connecting interior with exterior. Provided of course, that the view the good enough.

Multiplex vloer

Thinking we might use plywood for floors in kitchen and dinning room.but because ceiling and walls are white I really like the idea of staining floors "dark grey wash".

Match beton/ hout

Image 6 of 25 from gallery of Villa Wienberg / Friis & Moltke + Wienberg Architects. Photograph by Mikkel Rahr Mortensen & Gitte Kjær

House H+/+Hiroyuki+Shinozaki+Architects

Gallery of House H / Hiroyuki Shinozaki Architects - 5

Image 4 of 20 from gallery of House H / Hiroyuki Shinozaki Architects. Photograph by Fumihiko Ikemoto

Combinatie  beton vloer met houtskelet dak

Gentian entry, exposed rafters, ply ceiling Doughnut House by Naoi Architecture & Design Office

Combinatie houten trap en betonnen vloer

Gallery of Porthtowan / Simon Conder Associates - 10

Image 10 of 23 from gallery of Porthtowan / Simon Conder Associates. Courtesy of Simon Conder Associates

Afbeeldingen betonvloeren - BTCO Betonvloeren

Afbeeldingen betonvloeren - BTCO Betonvloeren

© Peter Bennetts

Gallery of Cut Paw Paw / Austin Maynard Architects - 21

Cut Paw Paw / Andrew Maynard Architects Open bedroom, bedroom on garden, wood parket