Favorr walkthrough by Dejan Markovic

Favorr walkthrough

Hey there, so another screen yet from the walkthrough of the app :) Check out the video attachment.

Animated UX Concepts for Mobile Applications - UltraLinx

Animated UX Concepts for Mobile Applications

simple home page with a couple tab navigation items on bottom similar to what i might have. 2-tone color is nice and clean, but interesting

Brand Aid Web Color blocks, monochromatic, simple lines, icons are a little too intricate

Great yet simple #splash #screen from @Cheri Quintal-splash

Maybe we could have some animation around the windows showing people talking,interacting and so on.

Involvio onboarding 2

Here are more screens from Involvio onboarding flow. Make sure you check the bigger pixels





Android Intro Tour by Brandon Land (San Francisco, California)

Onboarding inspiration for mobile apps — Muzli -Design Inspiration — Medium