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Pantone 518 color match. An almost ripe Wild Blackberry. Via Tiny PMS Match

Inka Mathew, a Texas-based graphic designer and owner of Green Ink Studio, matches tiny, everyday objects from ladybugs to jelly beans with their corresponding

Pantone 1655 color match. Fall has brought in beautiful colors. Pomegranate flower bud.

A personal project of tiny proportion – matching small everyday objects to their Pantone® Matching System colors, by designer Inka Mathew. All pictures were taken with her iPhone and edited with.

Pantone 2031 color match. Red Yucca flower. Hummingbirds love these. It’s like a tiny champagne flute filled with nectar.

Hummingbirds love these. It's like a tiny champagne flute filled with nectar. ~ this artist photographs tiny things on matching color cards!