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Masuleh, Iran (a picturesque village where streets are built on the roofs of houses below)

Masuleh, Iran Masuleh is a breathtakingly beautiful village located in the Talesh mountains. The interesting about Masuleh are the streets. The village is so steep, they had to make the streets on top of the flat roofs of the houses below.

Kandovan   The Stone Village

Troglodyte village in IRAN 700 years old - In the north west of Iran at the foot of Mount Sahand in Kandovan, The villagers live in cave homes carved out from the volcanic rock. The age of some houses is more than 700 years.

Canyon de Chelly, AZ - northern Arizona is one of the longest continuously inhabited places in North America. It’s still a vital part of life on the Navajo Nation.

The Clifton Rocks Railway Station, Bristol

Clifton Rocks Railway: a former underground funicular railway, linking Clifton to Bristol harbour. It is now open to the public via pre-arranged tours.