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Many pictures of soft and fuzzy angora and mohair men's and women's sweaters including vintage and retro.


Irene is She has the ability to manipulate others minds causing them to lose memories or or being prevented to use their mental power. 'Silent and Manipulative' her sister is Seulgi but no one knows. She uses her powers for whatever benefits her "Anti

[로봇이 아니야] '인간알러지 환자'로 돌아온 유승호! : 네이버 포스트

[로봇이 아니야] '인간알러지 환자'로 돌아온 유승호! : 네이버 포스트

[로봇이 아니야] 현장포토

I'm not a robot, I am not a robot

Still Batch 3

If MBC‘s upcoming Wed-Thurs drama I am Not a Robot ends up not working, I may still stick around to gaze upon male lead Yoo Seung Ho in various snappy winter wear outfits. The drama finally has a premiere date … Continue reading →

Yoo Seung Ho

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'배주현' 태그의 글 목록, 아이린 서울패션위크(SFW) 고화질 사진 ! 2017.04.03

'배주현' 태그의 글 목록, 아이린 서울패션위크(SFW) 고화질 사진 ! 2017.04.03