Cách vẽ mắt 3d

With the room in mind in the reflection. Draw realistic eyes with this step-by-step instruction. Full drawing lesson - most amazing eyes ever!

DIY Paper Schemes of Snowflakes DIY Paper Schemes of Snowflakes by diyforever

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Lego Street Art.

Dispatchwork: a movement initiated by 27 year-old German artist Jan Vormann, who started patching old walls with Lego bricks

e0062892_53b4dc0fb4391.jpg 도시의 빈 틈을 레고로 채우는 작가

Lego Street Art Around The World. This Lego street art works in two ways: one, it makes the grey and boring street more colourful, all the while repairing the crumbling street brick walls. So it’s basically a two-for-one Lego repair.