“Fated to Love You”: A Stunned Jang Nara + More Stills | Couch Kimchi

Before I sign off for the night, here are new-to-you-and-us Fated to Love You stills that were recently included on the official site. In one set, Kim Mi Young (Jang Nara) appears stunned by…

"Fated to Love You" (MBS) Gae Ddong "snail" by character Ellie Kim (Kim Mi Young) played by Jang Nara. Artwork originated by artist Yook Sim Won. LOVE IT...WANT IT ALL!!! 크기변환_운널사_장나라육심원.jpg (620×620)

"Fated to Love You" (MBS) "snail" by character (Kim Mi Young) played by Jang Nara.

bag by Youk Shim Won (who also is the artist behind Kim Mi Young's work in "Fated to Love You" - Korean version).