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In his delightful digital art series called “Filling Spaces,” Federico Picci visualizes musical notes as solid form in order to convey how the immaterial splendor of a musical composition can suffuse an otherwise empty room.

3M LifeLab SXSW | SOFTlab | Archinect La estructura modular del pabellón M3 LifeLab SXSW fue diseñada para convertir su interior en un pisma caleidoscópico usando láminas dicroicas 3M que cambian según el paso del sol a lo largo del día

While dichroic glass is visually mesmerizing and undeniably enigmatic, its deeply methodical origins are equally fascinating.

pepsi mirror interaction에 대한 이미지 검색결과

Experiments in Art and Technology (E.), 1970 Pepsi Pavilion in Japan

Trend Shots por Carlos López Duque: FESTIVAL IBEROAMERICANO DE TEATRO 2014

Reflective panels could be angled to reflect the audience, forcing them to consider their own contribution to social injustice