We always enjoy working on detailed isometric designs. So we were very pleased when a Dutch webhosting company asked us to make a big set of isometric illustrations.

창작자들의 놀이터 : 그라폴리오

브라운 비어 펍 [Brown Beer Pub] by 김호 on

designed by Kim Ho; The counters of the B are like windows and the two parts of the letter appear as two stories.

Low Poly rooms by Petr Kollarcik, via Behance

Low Poly rooms by Petr Kollarcik, via Behance (Can be used to teach the rooms of a house and their furniture in Spanish)

Telecom one by Megapont , via Behance

Magic of Pixel Art - Oyster Telecom tower Illustration for Z-fold ad booklet.

Ski Resort & Snowboarding on Behance

Isometric colorful vector background with ski resort and mountains by filip robert, via Shutterstock

Monument Valley. Most amazing game design/concept.

Meet Monument Valley, The iPad Game Inspired By Escher That Wants Every Screen To Be An Artwork