Happy Pills /// Algo que amaba hacer en Barcelona, comprar chuches y comerlos todo el día

Happy Pills

Two years ago whilst walking around Barcelona I came across Happy Pills. I had no idea what to expect when I walked in and when I found out it was a sweet shop I fell in love.

Johnson & Johnson Baby 1

Johnson & Johnson Baby products Concepts

This has text on side with a character (look dude it still says Lorem Ipsum dummy text) //Cant find sample for what I mean but maybe mini joey illustrations of symptoms they have?

Great example of white packaging that isn't looking like a store brand. It's the illustration.

Johnson & Johnson Baby products Concepts

Adorable flat design sea animals!! This is a cute possibility for my upcoming Zoop! (zoo poop) branding project!

up&up Bath Wash

We had too much fun creating these little guys for Target's up&up kids' bath wash!

Student Work – Designed by Kyle Tolley & Sarah Graves | Country: United Kingdom  “The aim of the project was to rethink and re-brand the sanitary protection product category (‘Sanpros’), namely sanitary towels and tampons. These products are mainly purchased by women and on occasion by men for women. The packaging should encourage the buyer to be confident of their purchase and not embarrassed. It should also be environmentally friendly and recyclable.”

While certainly not the most glamorous of products, Kyle Tolley in collaboration with Sarah Graves have created beautifully simple packaging.

Health & Beauty | Lovely Package | Page 32

Essentially having a beautiful packaging design is a great way to sell you product and attract new customers. Many companies spend thousands of dollars on

Klee Kids Is Bringing Wholesome Ingredients to Bath Time — The Dieline | Packaging & Branding Design & Innovation News

Klee Kids Is Bringing Wholesome Ingredients to Bath Time

Klee Kids Is Bringing Wholesome Ingredients to Bath Time / organic bath and body care line by Elu Creative