Hydr8 app ios smartphone quantified self

Possible to do this type of circular buttons and tab bar with logo in center for BP Anonymous. app ios smartphone quantified self

Task app by Jakub Antalík

Love the simplicity of this task manager. This would tie in nicely with a calendar app. Reminiscent on Windows tiles/color blocks.

What about something (not the colors but the concept) like this for the layout of a FW's day/mini report? (Tell Lars I mean the foursquare floatover windows on how someone has spent their time, if further explanation is required)  Moves - Activity Tracker for iPhone and Android

Moves - One of my absolute favourite Apps! Activity Tracker for iPhone and Android

Very clean, nice looking, easy to navigate. I would say this is an average looking app that's been nicely done. Doesn't have the X factor, but not bad.

Weather View

In this collection we have gathered 50 gorgeous examples of weather mobile app UI for inspiration. Use these weather apps ui design for inspiration on part

Pull to Refresh #UImotion

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