sound waves

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pieces of art that represent or incorporate with sound waves

This is what a sonic boom looks like - when an aircraft is near the sound…

Sonic Boom

A sonic boom is created when an object travels faster than the speed of sound. When an airplane reaches the speed of sound, it makes such an explosive noise it can be seen with the naked eye. The v…

This would make a pretty awesome tattoo but reversed with the piano keys leading…

Image about art in Music by Raisa on We Heart It

This would make a pretty awesome tattoo but reversed with the piano keys leading…

the unsaid | illustration + design by Lyla  BluIt’s got a transparent background…

Up The Wolves

lylaandblu: “ the unsaid | illustration + design by Lyla & Blu It’s got a transparent background so will look right at home on your sites… hope you enjoy. Will be available for print this Summer. ”

This F-22 is pulling so many G-forces that the wave of low pressure behind it…

This F-22 is pulling so many G-forces that the wave of low pressure behind it causes water to condense

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headphones icon with sound wave beats. Vector flat illustration

9 Best HR Podcasts

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Break the sound barrier...

Beautiful circle wave interference / Sacred Geometry <3

Alternative Non Fiction - Image Collection

The Official AltNonFic Tumblr - history can really be a crystal ball

Resultado de imágenes de Google para…

the materiality of emptiness

if i mention Einstein will you stop reading this? will it put you off? well, frankly, it's too late for that because there he is, sitting fourth in line of the first sentence. and what's more, here he comes again. Einstein had this theory that 'empty space' can possess its own energy. those great big expanses of 'nothingness' filling up the gaps between the stars, or the gaps between and inside atoms - maybe they're not empty spaces at all. for all we know about the universe, the things we…

Sound wave mandalas…

Math goggles: cymatics and minimalist posters - Natural Math

Math Goggles help you notice math everywhere. Via Simon Gregg and Becka Rucker, who notice math on Pinterest. Can you see sounds? Over a vibrating surface, sand or powder arranges itself into a symmetrical pattern, like a snowflake. You can use these cymatics effects to…Read more ›

Bespoke sound wave cards. QR code on the back links to the audio :)

Personalised Secret Message Voice Card

A one of a kind greetings card that allows you to send your personal recorded message in two unique ways.Sending your recording: After your order has been placed you will be sent a message to which you will need to reply to send your voice recording. Most mobile phones and PCs (see Start Menu > Accessories) have voice recording facilities. When recording your message you should speak in a loud and clear voice and aim to do this in a quiet place with no background noise. Please listen to your…

Berenice Abbott’s Minimalist Black-and-White Science Imagery, 1958-1960

Berenice Abbott’s Stunning Vintage Black-and-White Photographs of Scientific Phenomena

The abstract beauty of science, made mesmerizingly visible.