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范冰冰 杨贵妃

Jin Greenjade, of the Greenjade Dynasty, who is the Silver Crown and rules the Waking Gardens.


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artist name bare shoulders black background blush breasts brown eyes collarbone commentary cracked skin eyebrows visible through hair full body hair ornament hair over one eye hair up hairpin head tilt highres hone onna japanese clothes jigoku shoujo

ArtStation - white, YAN LIANG

ArtStation - white, YAN LIANG

'Nagne' means 'Some guy' in korean. He lost his almost entire memory. But when he grab a sword, the body remembers how to use it.

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her body spoke to me in a language few would understand, so i approached her. Pen in one hand, my heart in the other.

한복짓는 복나비 남아 답호 한복

한복짓는 복나비 남아 답호 한복