Ralph Lauren Fall 2011 - Details

Ralph Lauren at New York Fashion Week Fall 2011

Chinese dress called cheongsam or qipao -Ralph Lauren Fall 2011 - Details. Neckline for unique bridesmaid dress

Xiuniang·李薇 “And the LORD said to Moses, “Go to the people and consecrate them today and tomorrow. Have them wash their clothes.” Exodus 19:10

November Beijing, China International Fashion Week 2015 spring and summer Xiuniang- Li Wei special show.

1962 BOAC Air stewardess

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1950s Hong Kong.

Model Marola Witt “Suzy Perette” dress Sets a Style U. Takes Over the Cheongsam From Hong Kong,” 1960 Photo Stan Wayman

Cheongsam Hong Kong 1962. This dress really sums up what Dynamic Winter should feel like to me...elegant, graceful, somewhat simple beautiful!

Cheongsam Hong Kong This dress really sums up what Dynamic Winter should feel like to me.elegant, graceful, somewhat simple beautiful!

Soft Film 軟性電影: The Art of the Qipao

The Qipao [or Cheongsam] has it's origins in the one piece gown worn by Manchu women during the Qing dynasty.

Silk cotton cardigan with satin trims Shanghai Tang Spring/Summer 2014

The gorgeous satin trim and exquisite Chinese frog buttons bring a sense of luxury to this silk cotton cardigan, which has enduring popularity. Material: silk, cotton Colour(s): Available in fuchsia, off white or dark navy Ref: