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possibly doing a magic trick/ casting spell. once again, interesting hand perspective.

Selected sketches from my 2016 Sketchbook. I like blending digital and analog sketching techniques to create something new. Thats why I experiment in my sketchbooks with different analog and digtal sketching styles and most of the pictures are digitally…

target audience- year olds, interested in the manual calligraphy hobby. purpose- an advertisement or possibly a final presentation of the product designed. context- art galleries, schools, universities and most likely art stores.

Mercedes-Benz ‘G-Code’ Concept

‘Multi-voltaic’ paint turns this entire Mercedes G-Code concept into a solar panel

Product Design Illustrations on Behance

Product Design Illustrations on Behance This composition is very dynamic. This artist took the concept of deconstruction a product and added a hand whic adds a level of sci-fi fantasy that intrigues.

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The rendering of the car indicates a highly reflective materiality. A shiny texture may be visually desirable, as it suggest rapid movement.