Buen diseño

For adapting to web, use can have a click through animation to enhance usability while ensuring readability Ref: Harpers Bazaar Nederland. Art Direction by Tara van Munster.

Outlook.com - pgarcia4biz@hotmail.com

sérigraphie_paris_fluorescent_reliure NS: it is growing increasingly rare to see type this skilled and novel.

“저작권 문제 없나?”…무료 한글 글꼴 37종 총정리

“저작권 문제 없나?”…무료 한글 글꼴 37종 총정리

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Lettering & Logotype Vol.2

It's a lot cleaner than their other looks but i like the (minimal) thick and thins and embellishment

wearenotyou poster

the leading on this poster is too close on the dates.if it was shrunk down a point size then they would be colliding.

Experimental Typography on Behance

Project: Typographical JourneyWhat was asked in this project was to use a square x create and interesting synthesis by experimenting with: the word"type", a text whixh was given and one letter chosen by us. The letterwhich was chosen was …

Shawna X | People of Print

I was asked to create the design for 'Fuck' based from George Carlin's Seven Dirty Words as part of the Designer Expansion Pack for Cards Against Humanity's collab with Chicago Design Museum.

norakaszanyi:  MOHOLY - TYPOPHOTO_typography experiment

MOHOLY - TYPOPHOTO _ typography experiment /// I know, I know, too complicated for the time restraint, but the vibe of this…!