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A cold one on a hot one. by PascalCampion

A cold one on a hot one. I am using the same drawing as yesterday but trying a different story with it. I am curious to find out how many stories, moods. A cold one on a hot one.

Maike Plenzke: "Believe me, I have no idea, why I draw all those kitschy illustrations lately. I guess I just feel good right now. (Im thinking about making this a promo postcard)Prints!

'Hey You!' by Pascal Campion

'Hey You!' by Pascal Campion I love this illustration, because it feels like a real world or you are apart of this moment. The sunlight--I can feel it. The warmth, the fur of the cat--all the curiosity is beautiful.

Jamey Christoph

Inspired by the street corners and subjects of my Cleveland neighborhood, selections from this series were published in the Communication Arts Illustration Annual