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I never thought about this before. take a logo you've drawn out, and identify where shapes exist. i also like the fact that there are three images that still references the original

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김도연님의 대신귀여운알파카를드리겠습니다 - 디지털 아트, 타이포그래피


Chinese poetic typography

Li Bai (ca 705 - also called Li Po, is probably China's most famous poet. This commentary focuses on his connection to the qin. In this regard Ronald Egan writes (Controversy, "In the first centuries o…

Gradient에 대한 아이디어를 저장하세요.

Like the version on the right. Color and elegance with some youthfulness as well.

[Typography]좋은 디자인에 쓰이는 영문 서체들 비주얼 그래픽 작업을 할 때 서체(폰트,타입페이스,글자체...

Urban Cycling Urban Cycling is a book dedicated to addressing the problems of biking in urban areas.