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Parametric Waves  Reggio Emilia Station | Grasshopper + Wissam Wahbeh…

Grasshopper parametric definition inspired by Reggio Emilia AV Mediopadana which is a high speed railway station in Reggio Emilia in Italy.

leaf veins smart grid biomimicry

Nature has come up wih some pretty amazing designs, and great scientists aren't afraid to copy them. These examples of biomimicry in action cover robotics, architecture, transportation and more.

BIOMIMETIC ARCHITECTURE: Green Building in Zimbabwe Modeled After Termite Mounds Eastgate Center Harare Zimbabwe Africa sustainable architec...

The Eastgate Centre in Harare, Zimbabwe, is a shining example of biomimicry. This naturally cooled green building, designed by architect Mick Pearce, models its ventilation system on the cooling system used by African termites in their giant mounds.