Juan Restrepo has taken two of the most commonly used kitchen tools and given them a sleek makeover with variations in high-end materials like black ebony and light hardwood to compliment your designer kitchen style.

Spatula/Knife set by Juan Restrepo for Williams Sonoma

PENXO | The most minimalistic 2mm lead holder pencil by BitsFactory — Kickstarter

Penxo : The most minimalistic lead holder pencil by BitsFactory.

Fiskars Torch by Dan Taylor » Yanko Design - created via http://pinthemall.net

Fiskars Torch by Dan Taylor

A P O P – B K I D

Colourful Material ABS wood works by object lab metal works by Hyunseung Kim A P O P – B K I D

Allsteel Inspire meets the needs and aspirations of educational establishments, where concentration for long periods is a must – but not at the expense of design or reliability. Based on extensive field research, Allsteel Inspire incorporates macro and mi…

Allsteel Inspire incorporates macro and micro comfort solutions that work with every user’s natural posture to provide long-lasting comfort and durability.

Shirt Shuttle MK3

Shirt Shuttle MK3

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The Top 5 High End SmartWatches Compared An elegant and clean looking piece of wearable tech. I love how the silicon contours curve around the screen and how the textured grip surface on the inside complements the rest of the watch.

StoVentec SmartFlex

StoVentec SmartFlex