34 social-housing units in Bondy, Bondy, 2010, wooden wall and roof, gray windows

Square Court by Atelier Du Pont, located in Bondy, France. 34 Social housing units are arranged so the balconies are in staggered rows to the views on the street front or to the internal courtyard.

VIVAZZ, 131 by zigzag arquitectura

Image 3 of 10 from gallery of Vivazz, Mieres Social Housing / Zigzag Arquitectura. Photograph by Roland Halbe

120 Social Housing In Parla / Arquitecnica

120 Social Housing In Parla / Arquitecnica

Image 6 of 12 from gallery of 120 Social Housing In Parla / Arquitecnica. Photograph by Aitor Estevez Olaizola

fala atelier: alvenaria modular social housing, lisbon - designboom | architecture

Image 2 of 21 from gallery of Alvenaria Social Housing Competition Entry / fala atelier. Courtesy of fala atelier