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This is my special project, where every detail is inspired by my surroundings. The design includes three categories, each one with its own branding. Each section is sorted in diverse gridlines. Combining the structure and colors i get a product, that &

avsc. 2

avsc. 2

via Muzli. “Weekly Inspiration for Designers is published by Muzli in Muzli -Design Inspiration

Photo radius plus badge list view

Cognitive overload - wonder if a feed is a way of showing what was done, wha's the current status, and what's coming up

Find Your Plants UI by William Jansson

Would love to have an sleek app for ordering and browsing a selected collection of the hottest minimal plants at the moment. More shots of this project tomorrow. The Japanese from top to bottom:.

Hello everyone, welcome to my daily design challenge! Day 012 - Nearby Venues. Real pixels in attachment. If you want to show me some love press L! Constructive feedback appreciated. And also d...

Day 011 - Nearby Venues

via Muzli design inspiration

via Muzli design inspiration. “UI Interactions of the week is published by Muzli in Muzli -Design Inspiration

Walls by Cosmin Capitanu


365 awesome designers is a project by WILD, where they post one designer each day for one year.

See the full project here: Behance Zcool

UI exercises #8/100 Recruitment App

User interface by @iljamiskov

Sharing a little new piece of VSCO Redesign I am working on. This time it's the Photo Gallery screen. The screen where all the magic happens. These are not all the screens connected to t.

Zhao Legs

Hi everybody My life live app is some time ago in the company to do part of the live project, because the project time was only a web-side design, recently finished the design of mobile-side, I hop.