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6 Boundary-Pushing Wire Form Furnishings

一个快剪辑的片子,设计一周时间很急所以有很多不足,如果能多一些项目时间相信能够做的更加细致Haoxiang Wu是一个很有潜力的3d艺术家希望以后他能越来越好

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Cover and DPS illustrations for Norweigan Airline& inflight magazine, all based around the feature article on the proliferation of Scandinavian producers in pop music.

Abstrations — Vol. 01 on Behance

Abstractions, Abstract illustrations — is a focus on geometry, calligraphy and cityscapes.The most interesting part of this project is the colours. Each piece has been treated with a set of fresh gradient colour combinations.

Sketchbook 1.0 on Behance

As a artist I tend to make my sketches in software and my hard drive has this small treasure of tiny potential galaxies waiting to flourish and grow into something unique. Without a purpose they float around in the creative microcosmos I call my off&