South Korea: Seoul lantern festival

South Korea: Seoul lantern festival - This looks cool and I'd love to visit South Korea

Vogue Korea

Full Moon Story by Kyung Soo Kim. Kim Kyung Soo for the October 2007 issue of Vogue Korea.

Calligraphy brushes - Insadong - Seoul - Korea

Calligraphy Brushes in Insadong, Seoul, Korea. Love all the hanji paper & brush shops. Insadong is a place to buy traditional Korean goods.

Hanbok Inspired Dress

Modernised hanbok in deep purple against soft pastel pink. Transparent fabrics layered on top of one another creating voluminous bottom half of figure. Look into sleeve treatments and neckline finishes.

Korean alphabet

when I was in Korea, I saw a chart at a museum, that I would love to find as well. It listed the US letters/phonic, and the corresponding Hangul letter. That allowed me to understand what the sounds were for each Hangul letter.

Chunghie Lee, Korea.  more on her web site    #pojagi

Chunghie Lee Korean fiber artist explores Korea’s wrapping cloth tradition bojagi i