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디자이너라면 '꼭' 봐야 할 사이트 - 종합, 그래픽 디자인 편

디자이너라면 '꼭' 봐야 할 사이트 - 종합, 그래픽 디자인 편

40 Logos With Hidden Messages.

Did you know that there's an arrow hidden in FedEx logo? You have probably missed that tiny detail when you saw the logo for the first time, but once you know

a highly light-permeable translucent skin illuminates the entirety of the above-ground portion of the home, which filters down through expanded-metal decking to below-ground bedroom and work spaces.

'Lucky Drops' house in Tokyo, Japan; designed by Atelier Tekuto; a long, very narrow wide) residence; the house narrows down to less than feet at the back; most of the living space is carved underground; photo by Makoto Yoshida