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Name:Alexandria|Age:Looks About 20|Nature:Between Cute And Sexy|Height:5/8|Status:Homeless|Race:Demi God(Daughter Of Zeus)|Personality:Sarcastic,Brave,Caring,Smart,Can Be Kind When Need Be|Chest Size:C|Backstory:Let's Just Say Not Happy|Btw She's Wearing Black Pants And Classic Black Heels|Likes:The Color Black,Strawberries|Dislikes:Hades,Pervs,And Idiots|Done

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Celestial beings have fascinated me more than any other fictional character, because of their superior presence and yet the flaws that come from being molded into human form.

The Man's shadow exists in the Dark Space.  Not violent, but all powerful.

"Whatever is flowing out from our consciousness, that which is going forth in secret, is being shown to the world in outward manifestation" -Joel S.