Balmuda | Rain | Humidifier

Ultrasonic atomizing transducer, ultrasonic vaporizer, ultrasonic fogger, ultrasonic humidifier circuit transforms liquids into cloud-like particles.

BALMUDA SmartHeater | 世界で最も先進的で、最もクリーンなヒーター。

BALMUDA SmartHeater | 世界で最も先進的で、最もクリーンなヒーター。


ICE+WATER by Seung-woo Kim - Ice+Water has been designed to be installed in kitchens and to provide clean drinking water and pure ice. With just a single touch you can extract both hot and cold water and even pure ice without delay.


by Kim Seungwoo ____________________________ slim water purifier minimal simple design hot cold glossy matt lime white clean form

Philips - About Philips Design - Usability in Healthcare Design

Philips - Elements - flat, easy-to-clean surface, simple compound curves, embedded backlit controls


Design of Hoyo Drill: a Prospective Powertool Hoyo is a prospective power tool, designed by the industrial designer Pascal RUELLE, that breaks up with the conventions. With Hoyo the drill is no longer.

Gaggenau CX 480!

Gaggenau 36 Inch Induction Cooktop with 5 Cooking Zones, Twist-Pad Control, Booster Function, Frying Sensor and Flush Mount

Bosch Built-in Wall Ovens - Steam Ovens - HSLP451UC 1.4

30" Steam Convection Oven, HSLP451UC, Stainless Steel

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