The HoopDesigner, designed by Simone Savini for NOTdesignstudio is a minimalist watch with a dial that sports partially obscured hands.

Simone Savini for NOTdesignstudio realized a very interesting design of this watch called Hoop Time for the Swatch brand. With a minimalist design providing an little mark for the hour and minute of different colors is to be discovered in the future.

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iPhone App Design Trends

Photo App - Radial Controller by Ramotion

Photo App - Radial Controller

We created a radial controller design a while ago for a photo editing app. It’s curious to see current designs trending toward such radial shapes and blur effects (take a look at the new OS :) Ram.

Radial Menu Concept Dma

Radial Menu Concept Dma

Study for a contextual multipurpose radial control