soft interface

Soft Interface

Soft Interface by Erigonn Features: -PSDfile ) (Compatible ) - Professional, clean and precise design - Easy color change - Ful

Meerli · Daily Brush

daily brush App Timer for brushing teeth and keeping stats about it. App also enables us to talk and appoint to our dentist.


It’s finally time for yet another post in our latest design category where we present stunning menus, buttons and other UI elements from applications, mobile apps and webpages.

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This post showcases over inspiring iPhone app UI designs, all of which boast great interface designs for interesting apps currently in the works.

Interface design inspiration

User interface inspiration

WthrDial - A Simpler, More Beautiful Weather App for iPhone iPhone iPhone iPod touch generation), iPod touch generation) and iPad on the iTunes App Store

Controlled – GUI

Steal Pudding : Media Player For Retina by anchor_point_heshan Steal Pudding media player for retinaThis UI kit includes approximately all the elements that you need to build a perfect media pl

Like the buttons below and the use of waves to separate the different areas.

Surfing Australia

Surfing Australia app // Really nice graphics, but I'm not sure about the widespread use of white. I think a sandy beige would have been a better choice.