Eilkhaneh / [SHIFT] Process Practice

Eilkhaneh / [SHIFT] Process Practice

It seems that the formation of the buildings and the hardscape were created in MAX. The plants, kite and the person were photoshoped in. The isometric diagram was made in first in autocad and then touched up in illustrator.

Good concept Board. Very visual and much rendering.

Projects presented to the San Francisco Fire Departmnet Headquarters International Architecture Competition for Students and Young Graduates.

SFFDH Project by ArchMedium | #architecture #presentation #board

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Renderings and Board Layout Finalistas. venice lagoon international competition - The park as a living museum of the slow death of the city. / realizado con Sebastian Mejia, Edgar Mazo y Juan Pablo Martinez /

명지대학교 건축대학 [5학년 Portfolio]2013년도 졸업작품전시회 수상작

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