Cool speakers

This product has a really cool ceramic texture. It also looks like it would wobble around if you pushed it. This would make it a fun product for kids.

Low energy light bulbs

Who knew light bulbs could be the centerpiece?

Great watch design

I think we can all agree that Oakley likes to flex its industrial design muscles a quite a bit and their latest creation is no exception. The Oakley Gearbox

Electric Love Rings

Lovely Simple Graphical Matchbox Packaging For These Electric Love Wire Rings By Grain -

Orbit by Ziiiro at Dezeen Watch Store

Click Image Above To Purchase: Ziiiro Unisex Orbit Ocean Plastic Watch - Blue Rubber Strap - Black Dial -

Frozen Ghost Vodka by Levenson & Hill

Frozen Ghost Vodka, The Supernatural Super Premium Vodka Packaging Label Brand Specialization

Revolve Watch by Podvaal

Revolve Watch by Russian design studio Podvaal Made out of 3 magnetic bracelets, time can be arranged in whatever order you like. you could stop time!

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