Rams Player

Rams Player app concept Lexus Creating Amazing Mobile by Sean Hobman, via Behance UI - Explosions In The Sky - Wye Oak

UI simple.

Coffee Maker App This is how you make your personal coffee with a coffee machine app. I've designed an interface that allows you to choose your cup size, your favourite milk type and also to adjust the milk balance.

Wanted to try some transition with a bit of depth on the z-axis.  We also have another task app coming soon on the AppStore, follow me on Dribbble or Twitter to get updates. We will have a proper l...

Google Keep - z-axis interaction

Aurélien Salomon is a UI/UX designer currently based in Paris. Having studied in engineering, I really do enjoyed his intuitional UX like his Craiglist redesign for example. Check out his work, it's quite impressive.

UI Interactions of the week #15 — Muzli -Design Inspiration — Medium

UI Interactions of the week #15

via Muzli design inspiration

UI Interactions of the week Water effect transitions and getting out cards in book app by Nikita Duhovny