Joonki Park

Joonki Park

San Francisco. CA
Joonki Park
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Lamp Swingy Magnative by IGEN Design- I thought this was a cool idea which is different and unlike anything I've seen yet. Which what I love about design there's always a different to approach different things and come up with something spectacular.

egg packaging.

Packaging Egg Box - No, it isn't software exactly. But it is a great example of a design that works well at revealing the beauty and nature of the content to the user rather than hiding it, which is what UX design ought to do more.

Design diferenciado de embalagem, e que também tem um toque especial de funcionalidade! By Bucki

This holiday season, Gauthier is giving all its clients a delicious package of winter nuts. "Created to look like a tree and be used like a cone, it’s our way of saying thanks and showing… We’re simply nuts about our clients.

The Gogol Mogul egg cook-in packaging by KIAN

This is egg-cellent package design! Gogol Mogul egg cook-in packaging by KIAN - great idea from 2012 that never got picked up by a producer.