South Africa

A Bunch of Baobab Fruit, southern Africa (used in drink products and contains nutrients such as Vitamin C, iron and calcium). Copyright of PhytoTrade Africa

Elephant. Kruger National Park, South Africa #travelnewhorizons

Elephant Highway by Mario Moreno via "An elephant walking on one of the tar roads that connect the main camps in Kruger National Park. Elephants in Kruger often use the roads to travel as they are free of vegetation and simplifies transport.

A great interactive #map that allows people to discover the many differences of #coffee culture around the #world -

The Interactive Map of Coffee

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브랜드 커피 전격해부 1탄, 아메리카노 :: COFFEE EXPLORER

브랜드 커피 전격해부 1탄, 아메리카노 :: COFFEE EXPLORER