Boca de fogão

Celebrating Marc Newson, The Master Of Futuristic Minimalism

"I love the simplicity of this design, although I cant see the use of bright yellow in the kitchen being a timeless asset in home decoration" Marc Newson, The Master Of Futuristic Minimalism

#steel pan

Yet another item to add to my ever-growing list of Japanese products I'm craving. Seriously, is this not the most beautiful cast iron skillet you've ever seen in your life? There is beauty in the ordinary, people. Skillet from Neutral Store.

Robert Heller fan

Robert Heller, Airflow Fan: America, the Aerodynamically Streamlined, Shaped by Industrial Design: Montreal Museum of Fine Sherbrooke Street Streamlined Design:The World of TomorrowMay 2007 (via designstreamlined)

Now, that's a chair.

Shop SUITE NY for the GUBI 5 chair designed by KOMPLOT Design for GUBI and more contemporary Danish design, modern European furniture and veneer dining chairs

Agostino Bonalumi, Bianco (2010) _

Agostino Bonalumi : “Bianco” (Paintings)

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