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Pachypodium brevicaule by Etwin1, via Flickr

Pachypodium brevicaule, photograped at Riebeek Valley Nursery, South Africa

Espostoa ritteri cristata. Cephalocereus

Is this a cactus plant, unusual and fascinating, I would love to touch this.would I say: ouch.

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44 멋진 실내 정원 파종기 아이디어

“Believe it or not, these orchids don’t mind being neglected a little,” says Vass, making them perfect for some extra ambiance in the entryway without any extra maintenance. The fragrant beauties can bloom for up to three months at a time.

Orquidea pendente branca

Cymbidium Sarah Jean or 'Ice Cascade'-Best Indoor Plants- This hearty plant dispels the idea that orchids are only for skilled gardeners. Cascading white flowers generally bloom from Dec.and look best in hanging pots.

Orchid: Aerangis biloba 'Jason'

Über-Unique Orchid (Aerangis biloba 'Jason') is Reminiscent of a Fireworks Display on the Fourth of July!