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북유럽 디자인 트렌드_Broste Copenhagen의 AW16 Collection : 네이버 블로그

Today's pin-spiration: these shades of dark navy, teal, plum & ochre. No light in the pins today please ladies x

teageekery: “ (via Teapot by Tatsuya Hattori | Analogue Life) ”

Teapot Artist: Tatsuya Hattori Made in Japan Gifu based potter Tatsuya Hattori ceramics are characterized by their refined shapes and exquisite glazes.

설날 食 풍경 | 쿠킹&다이닝 | 매거진 | 행복이가득한집

설날 食 풍경 | 쿠킹&다이닝 | 매거진 | 행복이가득한집

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