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Ninety Cable Android 2

You'll never have to wrap up or untangle your cables again! As reliable as they are stylish, the Ninety Cable, named after its main feature, is a simple little accessory that works wonders.

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Move by NudeAudio - A wireless speaker which is lightweight, has a minimal design but is absolutely durable. This wireless speaker is made to carry around all day or even drop occasionally without feeling the guilt. Though small, Move by NudeAudio produces clear and loud sound. | For more updates, follow Best Buy Portable Speakers (

The Move M Bluetooth speaker has a ported acoustic chamber, so delivers a real punch for its size - this really is the go-anywhere, do-anything speaker.

Philips PIX3L wireless portable speaker BT1300R | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Bring your music everywhere with an ultra compact, rugged speaker. Built-in anti-clip technology makes better sound for its size and it can be angled for wider sound projection. A colorful silicon case adds style and protection.