This Food Processor by Dustin Lee shakes things up. For starters, it’s upside down. Well, literally! The motor’s been made lightweight, and has been shifted to the top of the device, allowing it to integrate completely with the device’s form, and moreover, it is a whole lot safer, since you’d have to detach the motor/lid to access the food compartment, there’s no way the blade will be spinning when you do. #Food #Processor #Kitchen #YankoDesign

Adding internet capabilities isn't always the best way to update a product. This Food Processor by


Jug by Simon Kinneir Designed for people with partial or full sight loss. It’s interactive with subtle hints able to provide sensory feedback to the user.

"Normandie" Water Pitcher Peter Müeller-Munk (American (born Germany), Berlin 1904–1967)

1935 Art Deco "Normandie" Water Pitcher, Peter Müeller-Munk, Revere Copper and Brass.

Kenwood - Rodd

Kitchen appliance brand Kenwood, approached Rodd to bring user centred design thinking to its highly successful breakfast category.

Potter Teapot Soft black  -   Shaped in stainless steel ( double walled construction ) with a soft surface  -  Equipped with a special tea strainer  -   Important: This item is a teapot, not a tea kettle. It is not to be used on a stovetop. Designer: Jehs & Laub (2008)  -  STELTON

Potter Teapot

Potter Teapot Soft black - Shaped in stainless steel ( double walled…