Este alfabeto animal de Marcus Reed es muy brillante y colorido. Ideal para los niños, ya que cada palabra se compone de uno o un grupo de animales que empiezan con la misma letra. Diseños muy educativos y útiles para cualquier persona que lucha por encontrar un animal que empiece con una letra concreta, no demasiado complejo de entender, simples y claros.

Animal Alphabet

This animal alphabet by Marcus Reed is very bright and colourful. Great for children as each word is made up of one or a group of animals that start with the same letter.

Word Animals

Clever and Incredible Typography Designs: Word Animals

Funny pictures about Animals In Words. Oh, and cool pics about Animals In Words. Also, Animals In Words photos.

Salt/Light t-shirts | Designer: Sel Thomson

Salt/Light t-shirts

Always be the salt and the light. Salt preserves and light will always show the way.

25 Inspirational Typographic Designs | From up North

Typography inspiration

By Jen Sublasky. I really like the design in this flyer, though hard to read. As far as proximity is concerned, everything is right next to each other. There is no repetition to be seen. The contrast that makes it appear as a glass of beer.

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