bare med andre sko, osso info i hjørne eller i firkanten? sandala, tøysko og sånt

World Cup-Inspired Sneaker Style: Pick Your Team Colors

I like the full body shot standing in the header. I can see a photo of me (in the white maybe dancing) taking a floating header look similar? Different, but similar element.

VIVETTA - WEB DESIGN 2013 by Houkart. Color, type, and photography working together to build a cohesive idea

CycleByCycle. What's your favorite? (More design inspiration at

'CycleByCycle' is a wonderfully illustrated One Pager exploring different bicycles and their cultures. Nice touch with the spinning wheel animation as the new bikes load and the overall tone within the big typography is great fun

Stóre 2015 on Behance #web #webdesign #design #layout #grid #fashion #ecommerce

Stóre is a new online fashion shop and editorial magazine from Denmark offering a highly selective premium quality brand clothes. Learn how I went from zero to 1 million in sales in 5 months with an e-commerce store

EVE LOM makeup launches at Space NK

Beauty Event Preview: Experience Eve Lom’s New Radiance Perfected Makeup Collection At Space NK, Get Complimentary Color-Matching & Applications