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the back of a woman's dress with a snake on it
a woman standing in the middle of a desert with her veil blowing over her head
15 Best Desert Safaris in Dubai You Can't Go Wrong With
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Celeste Shiels photography maternity photoshoot photos
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25 fotos de Angelina Jolie para que añadas a tu colección
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Cover Story: Angelina Jolie Solo
There’s the Angelina Jolie who’s now a single mother—managing the day-to-day chaos of six kids, and the trauma of her split from Brad Pitt—and there’s the Angelina Jolie whose latest movie, a groundbreaking Netflix original about Cambodia’s genocide, is also a thank-you to the nation that transformed her. At her new L.A. mansion, Jolie reveals the tension between the two Angelinas and the reason her life will never be normal.
a woman in a white dress with tattoos on her back and shoulder, posing for the camera
Angelina Jolie shows off her incredible tattoo collection including a tribute to ex Brad Pitt in new perfume advert
The 42-year-old actress displays her back tattoos that "symbolically bind her" with Brad
a black and white photo of a woman with long hair