Crafts for girls

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a spiral notebook with strawberrys and girls on it
a jar with strawberries in it on a white background
two coffee mugs with hearts on them sitting on a white tableclothed surface
a sculpture is being made in the shape of a human head with hands on it
do you ever just
a tray filled with different types of plates on top of a carpeted floor next to a potted plant
Trinket Trays are back in stock!! All handpainted clay saucers. Perfect for rings & bracelets! | Diy pottery painting, Diy pottery, Polymer clay crafts
Making a Cloudy Clay Mug ☁️
Check out our shop for our clay figurines 🌻
a pink flower shaped dish sitting on top of a table next to tulips
Pastel Little Flower Dish Plate - Blue Pink Flower 20cm
Handcrafted pastel plates for your breakfast set up. Cup diameter: 70 x 100 MM ~350ml capacity Each piece is uniquely handmade.
a hand holding a white coffee cup with a flower on it
four pink cups with red flowers on them sitting on a table next to some books
Ceramic handbuilt mugs
😆🥰 Ich habe die beste Stresstherapie gefunden! ;
Bazooka Bubble Machine 🫧🫧
One of The Greatest Sweet Crafts Out There! 😋
the instructions for how to make a flower with fondant
Abalorios al por mayor, Compra abalorios, Tiendas de abalorios -
Make These  Easter Basket Treats!