Olyfe dashboard

Love the color scheme, "folding" origami style movement design, and the handwritten details that point things out Olyfe dashboard

UI Guide

UI Guide by Jeremy Sallée I have put together a small UI guide based on the Nutanix interface i've been doing.

Free PSD UI Kit

UI kits provide a great way to get a good start on new design project. Free ui kits can provide the designers with new design and interesting user interface. This is awesome ui kit free psd created by Andreea Nicolaescu.

Beats Appl

Beats for iPhone Beats combines a BPM counter, an advanced DJ metronome and a key-mixing aid. It won’t mix the records for you or get you a drink from the bar, but it might help you become a better DJ.

fresh dropdown idea

Currently browsing 40 Free Drop-down List and Combo Box Designs in PSD for your design inspiration