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Oh my... I think we have a building block for a Halloween Costume concept! MS

decadentbdsmcollection: “This young woman is being taught how to stand perfectly straight and still. The training heels have been fitted with one small ball bearing in each heel to keep her on her.

worn by the Sisters of Providence

An engineering degree was practically required in order to understand the 1960 instructions for the new caps and collars worn by the Sisters of Providence.

Ensemble  House of Chanel  (French, founded 1913)

Ensemble Design House: House of Chanel (French, founded Designer: Karl Lagerfeld (French, born Hamburg, Date: late Culture: French

Dress by

vlada-sasha-natasha: “ “There seemed to be real, living flowers sewn into the dress; swathed in a protective layer of netting as if floating just below the surface of a tranquil pool” ”

§ 비밀정원 §

§ 비밀정원 §

Finished piece of embroidery...'somewhere, beyond the sea' by Rachel Wright.

Finished piece of embroidery.'somewhere, beyond the sea' by Rachel Wright. - Tap the link to see the newly released collections for amazing beach jewelry!