FITC Amsterdam 2013 - .work | GMUNK

"FITC Amsterdam 'Enter The Void' Conference Poster, - Digital and Graphic Typography Design by 'GMUNK Incorporate' Design Studio with Brian Gossett, Gera Frascaroli (Holland).

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infographic dribbble large 20 Examples of Android & iOS UI Design Inspiration

Designing in the material style—without just copying Google

Simple lines indicating form fields work here.

WTHR iPhone App | Designer; David Elgena -

WTHR Dieter Rams’ Ten Principles for Good Design inspired the latest weather app, WTHR, by Visual Designer David Elgena. The identity of Braun products subtly come through with the classic minimalist.

Controlcenter-redesign. #iOS7

60 Outstanding Examples of Mobile UI Design Intro to UI Design mobile UI Dribbble - Web clothing shop menu - UI/UX interface by Jona.

Lacoste iPad App Mobile UI Design - Love this

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Simple UI Pack

Simple UI Pack

Wired UI Elements by Samuel James Oxley

Hey guys,  Just saw what @Paul has been doing for some time now and decided to do something similar on my own.  The idea is to think of small and clever ways to design & animate UI components, ...

Compact Login

Compact Login – Animation by Boris Borisov

有的时候盯着一个MG看好久.... 然后发现动画师生存法则里的principle都有用到诶 准备动作 缓动

Play & Pause Animation

Play & Pause Animation by Kreativa Studio

iOS7 running

iOS7 running...

Showcase of Flat Apps Design Examples - eWebDesign

Fitness App UI

In this collection we have gathered 30 Gorgeous Examples Of fitness or workout mobile apps UI design. Use these fitness apps ui design for inspiration on p


Submit Credit Card Flow - GIF Animation

Submit Credit Card Flow — GIF Animation by Azís Pradana UI Interactions of the week

Weather App

40 Mobile Apps User Interface Designs for your inspiration. With the beautiful mobile design now mobile apps user interface design should also be beautiful.

Designer screen GIF-Animation

Designer screen GIF-Animation

Dribbble - Designer screen GIF-Animation by Sergey Valiukh

Cloudier Cloud App Login Screen User Interface

After some of your feedbacks I decided to get rid of the bottom edge of the cloud and the login is a text label now. Check out the fullsize