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I Do Not Spew Profanities Funny Coffee Mug

This is an 11 Oz white ceramic Coffee Mug. All mugs are dishwasher safe. However, we recommend hand washing as...

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The Flavors Of Wine

Although the four main flavors - sweet, salty, sour, and bitter are all your tongue is really capable of tasting, the long lasting impression that wine leaves in your mouth is far more complex. When you drink or taste wine, your tast

Half of America's problem in one fucking picture. Can you think of any group more out of touch? well, besides politicians? Liberal Hypocrisy, Liberal Logic, Stupid Liberals, Liberal Left, Socialism, Politicians, Stupid People, We The People, Louisiana

Flavius Aetius on Twitter

Dear Hollywood, You have no idea the problems the average American has under the Obama, who you so dearly support. Thanks to you the MSM we were FORCED to sign up to ObamaCare which in 2015 will GO UP 8%-22%. EVERYTHING has gone up, except my pay and opinion of our President! His Climate CONTROL POLICIES are going to make the average household's energy bills rise UP 30%. (Please go back, play house stay OUT OF OUR BUSINESS! We, who are barely getting by CAN'T AFFORD YOU or OBAMA!)

Grabbing em’ by the pussy since President Donald J. President Of The United States Of MERICA! 🇺🇸🇺🇸 2 Terms Of Pissing off the liberal dingbats and swamp creatures and the Negative Nancy’s all the way into Political Satire, Political Views, Dont Tread On Me, Conservative Politics, Adult Humor, We The People, True Stories, I Laughed, Funny Pictures

Follow me Pinterest: @Ranimay99 Twitter: @Ranimay99 Insta: @Ranimay99 **If you don't agree with the political views stated in my photo please don't comment on them just to complain. Thanks.**

First Amendment. I have always supported my southern heritage and seen this… Southern Heritage, Southern Pride, Southern Style, Pray For America, God Bless America, Confederate Flag, Thing 1, Freedom Of Speech, American Pride

Political Dissonance

Not that thought policing, liberal/progressive feelings patrol reactionaries will take the time to consider this or its ultimate impact…