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Arthur OS
Microsoft Windows 2.0
A History of the GUI | Timeline
When Seth first took over the company, he also started experimenting with a new computer to defeat the competitors; one with the familiarity and functionability of Microsoft and the hardy strength of a Mac. That's how he first reinvented his company. He later took on frivolous side projects like an animatronic dinosaur zoo, before finally evolving to ease of technology projects that make it just as reliable and easy to use for all of the public as pen and paper, from children to elderly.
This is Windows 3.0, based on MS-DOS, with what looks like a functional user interface. I can't help but contrast this with Windows 8 : Design over Usability
Sample Viewpoint screen on a Xerox 8085 from the mid 1980s.
Apple Lisa User Interface
MacOS 2001
Steve Jobs' 1988 NeXT GUI featuring 3D windows and icons | The Short History of GUI - Microsoft vs Apple