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Phroilan's stuff: Nightworld characters

A smattering of concepts for the characters and guns. Also posted are the first character models I've built in a looong time.

ArtStation - Girl and young man, mina kim

Only diffuse map ,LowPolygon (hand drawn diffuse texture) (Copyright neptune all rights reserved.

25 Astonishing 3D Character Designs and Zbrush Models for your inspiration

25 Astonishing Zbrush Models and 3D Character Designs for your inspiration

25 Astonishing Character Designs and Zbrush Models for your inspiration Tom Bancroft: Character design,Illustration,Animation Stunnin.



Topology_by Carlos 3D Modelling_from WordPress (https://carlos3dmodelling.wordpress.com/)


Part Find some good mesh examples Topology refers to the way a mesh is constructed and how the polygons are positioned to build up the shape. When we need to select, manipulate or animate…

Low Poly 3D Models …

Low Poly Female Hunter by BITGEM Get started on a new game character quickly with this low poly, hand painted female hunter character.